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Emmy award-winning make-up artist Jennifer Aspinall has teamed up with RDL International, Inc, a medically based dermatological company, to create this new, revolutionary barrier lotion for professional make-up artists and other professionals who need to protect their skin.



Photo Credit by Scott Council


Jennifer Aspinall

Thank you visiting our new website!   I wanted to take a moment and introduce myself.  My name is Jennifer Aspinall. I have been working in New York and Hollywood as a professional make up artist for the last 38 years. I fell in love with the art of illusion at 9 years old when I found a booked called Richard Corson’s Stage Make Up. This book changed my life. It covers all basics of the art of make up, and in my mind it is a bible.  It is still available today, and when I teach I often ask my students to invest in it.  By the time I was 12, I was working full time at various theaters in the Philadelphia area doing make up and wigs.  When I turned 18,  I moved to New York City  hoping to expand my make up work.  I found work doing print adds, commercials, and of course theatre.  I did my first make up effects/prosthetic work on a now cult classic horror film, “The Toxic Avenger”.   This was not a great film, but it did great things for me.  It introduced me to the world of special effects make up, which allowed me to expand my love of illusion and took my career in a whole other direction.  I became one of the first women to work in this more specialize field of make up.  A few movies and Broadway shows  later,  I became the department head for NBC’s ground breaking sketch comedy show, “Saturday Night Live”.   SNL combined two of my favorite things in the world, character make up with live performance.  In  1995 Fox Television brought me to Los Angeles to department head a new sketch comedy show called “MAD tv”.   “MAD tv” ran for 14 years, during which my crew and I received 14 Emmy Nominations and 1 Emmy Award for Best Make Up on Television along with 7 International Guild Awards.  Since “MAD tv” wrapped I have been fortunate to continue to work in television on shows like “The Tonight Show” and “Bones” and on films such as “Star Trek” and the soon to be released “Gardians of the Galaxay”.  I am very blessed to have such a long and fulfilling career in this amazing and creative industry.

My many years of doing special effects makeup for the sketch comedy world have allowed me to become very familiar with the needs of my actors and their skin.  Sketch performers are often asked to go in and out of numerous characters in a short amount of time.  This can mean several make up and hair changes in one day or in some cases one live show.  This can be very rough on their skin.  A  few years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Lincoln Lee of Dermastetics, a medically based dermalogical company, after a lecture I was giving on Character Make Up.  We hit it off right away.  During our next meeting I mentioned to Lincoln the need for a product in our industry to protect the actor’s skin without drying it out.  It would have to be something that could be used under our make ups and glues with out inhibiting and could protect against irritation and the harsh chemicals we sometimes use.  A tall order, but we decided to create it!  Six months later we had a formula.   After months of tweaking and numerous tests under numerous make ups, glues, paints, chemicals, and different kinds of dirt and grease we had a product that not only protected the skin and made it water proof, it was moisturizing with out being greasy!  We decided to call it SKIN SAVER LOTION.  So here we are.  I had no idea I was going to find myself  in this end of the business, but this is a good product and I’m proud to be associated with it.  I hope you like it as much as I do.

Please try SKIN SAVER LOTION and feel free to give us feed back.  We are always interested in growing and improving.

Take care and stay inspired,



Jennifer Aspinall

Happy Belated New Year!

I hope 2016 is treating everyone well.  We here at SKIN SAVER have been very busy. We were recently at IMATS LA with Nigel’s Beauty Emporium.  I had a wonderful time. It was an opportunity meet up with some old friends and make some new ones.  Thanks to IMATS we will be meeting with a distributor in Australia to see if we can bring SKIN SAVER LOTION down under.  Many thanks to Nigel, Ramonda and Gina for letting us share their booth.

Last week I had the privilege to speak to IATSE Local 706 members about SKIN SAVER LOTION at the semi-annualEducational Craft Meeting. It was great to be able to share SKIN SAVER LOTION with my brothers and sisters in the union.  The feedback was great. Thanks! to Brian Kinney for inviting us to educate the members of IATSE Local 706 on the benefits and uses for SKIN SAVER LOTION in the professional make-up and hair worlds.

I wanted to take a minute and reflect on an event from 2014.  Last year the Make up Community lost a great artist.  His name was Dick Smith.  He was considered the “grandfather” of special effects make up.  Creating make ups for such classic films as “The Exorcist” and “The God Father”.  Dick was responsible for many of the techniques and products we use today as professional make up effects artists. He was a generous man and shared his knowledge of our craft with anyone who asked. He loved our art. He was truly an inspiration and he will be missed.

As we forward into this year, it is that quality I would like to continue to develop in myself……to share and inspire others through art and (since I’m in this industry) make up artistry.  To quote my Aunt Gin, who also passed away in 2014,  ” We must desire to inspire, before we expire”.

Be well and stay inspired,